What is Sniffer?

Sniffer is an application to explore and share photos & tips on cool experiences to have with friends & family in a visual way.

Be it the Hottest Nightclubs, Splashy Pool Parties, Cabaret Performances, some Killer Karaoke, Live Shows/Concerts in Delhi, Romantic Date Night, Gaming and Adventure Sports, relaxing Weekend Getaways, Sniffer has everything you need to have a good time.

App Features

Visual Search

Visual Search

Watch photos of people doing fun things around you!
Search by telling what you want to see or have in your experience! In results you will get the relevant photos to envision what other people did and things you can do!
Make Image A Reality


Browse through tips given by other people so you know how to have the best of your time! Post pictures of your experiences with tips and share them with the world! 


Browse through some great collections on what you can do.

Share Tips

Share your tips with your friends in a beautiful pre-made template, gain followers and become the most known tipster in your town.

What You Can Expect On Sniffer