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What is Sniffer?

Search and explore the world visually and find the best places to go to with friends or family.

Be it the Hottest Nightclubs, Splashy Pool Parties, Cabaret Performances, some Killer Karaoke, Live Shows/Concerts in Delhi, Romantic Date Night, Gaming and Adventure Sports, relaxing Weekend Getaways, Sniffer has everything you need to have a good time.

App Features

Visual Search

Visual Search

Search by what you want to see at a place when you go out and get relevant images of what people are doing and what activities you can go too.

Make Image A Reality

Make Image A Reality

Like something you see? Then book it or find similar things you can do!


Browse through some great collections on what you can do.

Are You A Foodie?

Search for food and watch what dishes people are eating around you and where you can go to eat them.

What You Can Expect On Sniffer