The following pages contain the general Terms and Conditions of the Agreement.

The key points are summarized here:

  1. By registering on the app or website you opt in to receive emails from Sniffer.
  2. The responsibility to offer the best standards of service or product rests completely on the Merchant.

  1. Sniffer shall provide platform for marketing and booking the product/services offered by the Merchant.

  1. Once signed, the agreement terms can only be changed by way of an Addendum letter mutually agreed and signed by both the parties.

  1. Sniffer will receive Commission payment from the Merchant. Service tax will be applicable on commission.

  1. Merchant is responsible for its taxes and all related compliances for Services/Products for bookings received through Sniffer’s platform.

  1. The Merchant agrees provide the service to the customer as listed on the platform. In case of violation by the Merchant, Sniffer reserves the right to terminate the Agreement without notice and ask refund in case of sold tickets..

  1. The Merchant consents for receiving payments through electronic mode and shall provide the correct information with respect to bank details. Merchant shall indemnify and keep Sniffer indemnified at all times from and against all losses, costs, charges, expenses, damages, claims, etc. incurred or suffered by Sniffer as a result of incompleteness or inaccuracy in the information submitted by Merchant.

  1. Merchant is responsible to inform for any change in service to Sniffer and in case of cancellation merchant is liable to inform and refund incse of a ticket plus payment gateway transaction cost (2%).

  1. Sniffer is not liable for any actions of consumers while availing the service at the venue.

  1. Merchant will not disclose any information of Sniffer or related to Sniffer to any other party. Which includes customer data and technology.
  2. IOT device will be installed in the venue for free of cost by Sniffer for enhancing the digital experience and features of the venue.